Livro Transgressões Cerâmicas
Ano: 2021
Curador: Andrés Inocente Martin Hernández
pg. 61

Revista Carbono Uomo #16
Ano: 2023
Pg. 50-51

Fotógrafo: Renato Costa ︎

Interview: Eduardo Valdetaro para It’s Liquid ︎
Luca Curci talks with Eduardo Valdetaro, the winner of ARTIST OF THE MONTH – JANUARY 2022.

Interview: Eduardo Valdetaro para ArtConnect’s Artists to Watch ‘22 ︎

“The design of Eduard Valdetaro's ceramic works, which ooze tradition and respect for past worlds, is at the same time very contemporary and thus brings the intersection of today's world and the world lost by relentless human intervention. Through the works, the ancient wisdom of nature, processed in a current visual language, speaks and creates echoes. Despite the fact that he works with such a solid material as metal, his works retain the fragility that is so deeply connected with the transience of nature's wealth through the ill-advised steps of today's society.”  Majka Tkáčiková, Curator.